Frequently Asked Questions


Granite Info

What is Granite?

Granite is an igneous rock that has been formed from magma deep down inside the Earth. Granite is made up of mostly feldspar, mica and quartz. Millions of years of heat and pressure deep inside Earth makes it one of the hardest substances known to man. Granite is the hardest and most durable natural stone.

What is the thickness of your granite countertops?

3cm or 1.25″, we only use the highest grade of granite, not the 2cm stone some companies try to use.

Does granite harbor bacteria?

Both the Center for Disease and The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have found no evidence of such. In fact, one study, sealed granite was shown 2nd only to stainless steel for resistance to bacteria.

Does granite contain radon?

The myth that natural stone is dangerous to your health is raised periodically on websites and on local news programs. The fathers of this myth are none other than manufactures of engineered stone, a direct competitor of granite. Because of the on going “green” campaigns, this is simply another feeble attempt by the makers of fake stone to scare you, the consumer, away from granite counters. One study showed that a baked potato emits more radon than granite.

Will granite burn?

No, granite can withstand temperatures of up to 1200F.

Can granite be chipped or cracked?

Yes, if years later something heavy is dropped onto your counters causing damage, it can be fixed under most circumstances. We can send out one of our professionals for a fee.

Can my granite countertops be repaired?

Yes, if you happen to drop a hammer or something heavy on them chipping the stone, we can fix the chip to match the color of your counter-tops.



Granite Care

 What should I use to clean my granite countertops?

Plain soap and water for daily use is best or any specialized stone cleaner works well every few months. Do not use products like Windex or 409 as they may dull the finish.

How often should I re-seal my granite countertops?

We provide a 15 year sealer, so once a decade should suffice. However, you can seal it more often to be safe. You can test your granite tops by flicking some water on them to see if the water beads up kinda like a car that has been recently waxed.

Can we use sharp knives for cutting on our granite countertops?

You can use sharp knives on your granite almost like a cutting board. We don’t recommend this because it will ruin your expensive knives, not your granite.

Can I place a hot pan/pot directly on my granite countertops?

Yes, although it is best to use a hot pad.




Do you do the removal of our existing countertops?

Yes, we will take out your old counters at an additional charge.

Do you apply a sealer to the finished granite countertops?

Yes, we apply a 15 year sealer at no additional cost! This is important because Natural stone is porous and may allow liquids to penetrate the surface, causing the potential for stains.

Will my granite countertops have seams?

Not necessarily. Several variables factor into whether or not your counters will have seams. Some factors include the dimensions of the slab, size of the pieces, the pure weight of the pieces, grain direction of the slab, sink or cooktop cutouts, access into the house, dishwasher location, just to name a few.

Do you put any plywood or a moisture barrier under the granite?

Absolutely not! Stores that do this are giving you cheap 2cm. stone that is not as structurally sound as our 3cm. stone.

Do you disconnect or reconnect electric, gas or plumbing?

No, we are not licensed to do this type of work. You should call a licensed professional for these services.

Will I see my seams?

Yes, you will be able to see the seams. Our goal is for the seams to be no more than 1/8 of an inch wide and the adhesive is tinted to color match your particular stone.

Do my cabinets have to be level and permanently in place for the template?

Absolutely! your cabinets have to be level, square and permanently in place before we come out to do the template.

Can granite cantilever/hang over the cabinets?

Yes, we allow up to a 12″ hang over with enough support from the cabinet or wall base. Anything over 12″ requires some type of brackets or supports that are Not provided or installed by Quarry Granite.




What is your payment policy?

We do a 3 tiered payment plan unlike most companies. Your first payment is due when the contract is signed, 2nd is due at template day and the last is due after the granite is installed.

Is there a warranty on your work?

Yes, all craftsmanship, seams and the mounting of any sinks are under a 1 year warranty. We do not warranty any natural occurrences such as color variation, pitting or natural dull spots.